Pan Feeders for chicken houses

What is a pan feeder? A pan feeder is a plastic mechanism that is used to distribute chicken food through a chicken house. The pan feeder is connected to a round pipe which has an auger (spiral) running through it. This spiral is connected to a strong motor. When the spiral turns it drags chicken food through the pipe and deposits the chicken food in the pan feeder.

feeding lots of chickens

Pan feeding broilers

This makes feeding a large house full of poultry very easy. The chicken food is kept in a silo outside the house. The pan feeders are distributed evenly along the pipe and the chickens can access the panfeeder from all sides. The pan feeder is adjustable so that you can vary the amount of food that is in the pan feeder.


In the poultry house the pan feeding system is on a winch system so that as the chickens grow older you can adjust the height of the pan feeding system – the winch will lift the entire pan feeding system in one go. Cleaning out the pan feeders is easy – they just clip off the pipe. While any feeding system – including chain feeding of chickens is expensive – you will save a fortune in labour. All the large chicken farms use either a pan feeding system or a chain feeding system in their chicken houses. All the parts are made of durable plastic and the pipes are galvanised steel – so at the end of a cycle the entire system can easily be cleaned and sanitised. It can then be winched up to the roof of the chicken house so that you can clean out the litter and disinfect your whole poultry house.

A chicken pan feeder can be used in any type of chicken farming or poultry house – broiler chickens, layer chickens and even in organic chicken farming or free range chicken farming. pan feeder, chicken pan feeder, feeding chickens, panfeeders, pan feeder system, poultry feeder, pan feeders south africa. How to feed chickens? Pan Feeders for Poultry Houses and Chicken Farming

Pan feeders in broiler house

Chickens in house using pan feeders

Automatic feeding system for chicken houses – chicken pan feeders are the best way to feed thousands of chickens easily with very little wastage. Poultry pan feeders South Africa. – pan feeder, pan feeding, chicken feeding, poultry feeding, feeding chickens, how to feed chickens, pan feeding system, poultry pan feeding, chicken pan feeding, feeding broilers, pan feeders South Africa,

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  1. Gold says:

    I love the concept of the possibility of feeding my 3000 chicken automatically. How much is it going to cost me to install this system on my farm in Nigeria.

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