How to heat a chicken house cheaply in South Africa

How to heat a chicken house cheaply in South Africa. Heating a poultry house with gas heaters is the only way to cheaply warm a poultry house. Gas brooders, or poultry heaters, are far cheaper than any other form of heating. Coal and electricity do no come close – and coal heating still requires fans for the heat distribution. Gas heating puts you in control of the heat – not at the mercy of load shedding and rising costs.

The Gasolec gas heater come in two sizes, has spares easily available, an in the case of a breakdown, we have a team that can come and help – it is unlikely though – if this radiant heater is looked after it will burn for years – it is an industrial strength heater especially designed for poultry houses. The heater is fitted with a dust filter to keep the gas heater running. It is also fitted with a thermocouple so that it will switch on and off as the temperature changes. It is the cheapest, most cost effective heating method available on the South African market – just compare gas prices to electricity prices and you will see.

The greatest part of running gas heaters in your broiler house is that you have control – no more depending on a undependable electricity supply. If your property has no electricity then the gas brooder is, again, the least expensive method of warming your day old chicks. Compare it to coal and it may seem more expensive – but the cost of buying a coal fired heater is very high – and dirty, and a planet killer. Coal will dirty the house and the farm – gas is clean – and it is instant heat, where you need it and when you need it. As it is mostly used only for the first week in a broiler house you are able to section off the day olds and heat only a small section – the chickens will move in and out of the radiated heat area – monitoring themselves. Too hot and they move away – too cold and they move back into the radiation area. A gas heater is also safer than coal – your chickens will love you and the planet will love you.

Some farmers have purchased heaters from the big hardware shops – the kind you set up on your porch – they are great for the first couple of cycles, and indeed seem like a big saving but in the long run you are throwing your money away – they are not meant to burn continuously for weeks on end – they are made for private use. Large restaurants are now also using the Gasolec heater for their patrons – they have burnt their fingers and now want a quality industrial heater - this baby does the job! Give Chicken Shack Agencies a call and get your heater for winter – don’t wait until the last moment. It will last you years and is fully serviceable and repairable should you drop it or damage it.

When you have finished using the heater it is a good idea to take it out of the chicken house – and the gas bottle should never be kept in the house – cleaning the heater off if you have left it in the structure for several cycles is hard work – not to mention the disease that will have gathered on the heater and the bottle – better to remove it once your day old chicks are old enough and have their feathers. Of course if you are in a really cold place your flock may need heat every night – then you can leave the heater – make sure it is properly cleaned off before you place the next batch of broiler chickens.

poultry heaters

M8 gas brooder - best in S.a.

As any poultry farmer knows – if your heat source dies at the wrong time you can easily lose your whole flock – especially if they are young birds. Safe to use in any size chicken house, Gasolec brooders are one of the best gas heaters on the South African market. Modern poultry housing should have insulation in the roof of the poultry house – good insulation and a good poultry heater will make sure your chickens are warm enough. Sisolation is a good type – although any kind of insulation is better than none. This should be installed when your chicken house is built – but it is possible to put it in afterward – and the amount of money you will save on heating and cooling will open your eyes – while the winched curtains are your best form of cooling – insulation comes in a close second. Of course closed environment houses do not have the luxury of poultry curtains for chicken houses – in this case insulation is critical. Chicken Fans are the other side of the coin – to cool a poultry house you will need a good fan – so – fans, heaters, insulation and a good winched curtaining system – and all of your heating and cooling problems will be solved!


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